25 August 2009

Jerusalem, Vermont 2

Named Jerusalem because it is at the same altitute as the Holy City in Israel

When I read on Ralph de la Portilla’s Facebook wall that he was going to an Arts Festival in Burlington, Vermont, and visiting his sister who lives there, I wrote back: “Ralph, it would be great if you could drive from Burlington to Jerusalem, Vermont, and photograph it for my blogart site http://jerusalem-usa.blogspot.com/.” He agreed. Two immigrants from Venezuela, a mother and daughter, accompanied him on his drive up into the mountains to reach Jerusalem.

When they arrived at Jerusalem (part of South Starksboro), Ralph spoke to a couple who live on Harlow Drive at the junction of Jerusalem Road who explained that it was named Jerusalem because it is at the same altitude above sea level as the Holy City in Israel. There was an abandoned boat resting in the yard.

Jerusalem, Vermont, consists of Jerusalem Road and two roads that intersect it (Harlow Drive and Russell Young Road). These three roads are lined with houses, the Jerusalem Corners Country Store, a Chevron station, a bed and breakfast, a few abandoned buildings, a cemetery, and a one-room schoolhouse built in 1874. Ralph wrote: “The young lady attending the country store said that her father went to school at the one-room schoolhouse down the street where Jerusalem Road meets Vermont Route 17. The large side door of schoolhouse is actually a volunteer fire station!”

About the photographer: Ralph de la Portilla is a native Miamian who earned his BFA degree in theater at New World School of the Arts in Miami in 1992 during the years I was dean of visual arts there.

See Jerusalem, Vermont 04 June 2009 posting for images of Russell Young Bed and Breakfast matched with images of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel.


  1. http://www.vaics.org/vaics-jerusalemcorners.html

    Jerusalem is a great town, I lived there for over a decade. A nice slice of life in Vermont.

    "Halfway to Heaven" -- David Conlon

  2. im hoping tp visit soon .i travel exploring mts,all over the country . any old cabins neat by any good swimming ? mountainmantimes @gmail.com (one word