04 October 2009

On Participatory Art

JerUSAlem-USA is a participatory artwork in which the artist invites the people in USA and Israel join with him in creating a collaborative work of art. Unlike the solitary role of the visual artist in his studio, the role of the artist in a networked world is shifting to becoming more like the role of the playwright/producer/director in theater and film, the composer/conductor in music and the choreographer in dance.

In her seminal book on trends in postmodern art, The Reenchantment of Art, Suzi Gablik proposes, “a new paradigm of participation in which art will begin to redefine itself in terms social relatedness…encouraging the emergence of a more participatory, social interactive framework for art, and supporting the transition from art-for-art’s-sake assumptions of late modernism.”

As the artist of ‘JerUSAlem-USA,” I create the conceptual framework, craft the score/script, and form a team of collaborators who together under my baton bring into being an aesthetic work of participatory art.

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