23 September 2009

Jerusalem, Rhode Island 2

From Hal Curry
"Here are some pictures of the village of Jerusalem which is a part of the town of Narraganset. Across the harbor, maybe 400 yards, is the port of Galilee, also in Narragansett and one of the largest commercial fishing ports on the east coast. Jerusalem is surrounded on two sides by water - the Salt Pond and Block Island Sound / Atlantic Ocean. It is an end of the road location

Today the area is a busy summer destination. Its main attractions being the small beach on the salt pond, the ocean front, the long breakwater, fishing, and watching the commercial fishing and pleasure boats pass by. There are only two businesses right in Jerusalem. Jim’s Dock is a restaurant and marina. Skip's Dock sells fresh sea food and lobsters wholesale and retail, it has a few tables on the deck where they serve chowder and clam cakes.

Many years ago Jerusalem was inhabited by fisherman. Some stored their gear there, some lived there as well. It was not originally the tourist spot it is today.

There may be 120 cottages in the Jerusalem area. I'd guess and say about half were once on leased land on which people built small modest cottages. A few years ago the people who leased were given the opportunity to purchase the land. They formed an association and one goal seems to keep people out and limit parking. There have been several stories about this in the media (PorJo). Some have torn down the small modest cottages and rebuilt with what many consider out of character homes. I've included pictures of the changes.

Now that the summer tourist season is over and the children back in school, Jerusalem has returned to its quiet un-crowded conditions enjoyed by the many locals."

About the photographer:
Hal Curry writes: “When we married 50 plus years ago, the staff at the school where I taught gave us camera as a wedding gift. I have been taking pictures ever since. I enjoy taking outdoor pictures of anything that catches my eye. My wife and I are retired special education teachers from Connecticut. We have always enjoyed fishing and the ocean. After exploring the east coast and gulf coast, we decided there was no place we liked better than the location in RI where we already had a small summer home. As it turned out our home in East Matunuck is only about a mile and a half from Jerusalem, RI. We usually drive there two or there times a day just to see what’s happening. The area is a beautiful place to live especially if you enjoy the ocean and ocean activities."

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