24 September 2009

Jerusalem, Camden Country, Georgia

Photographs of Jerusalem in Camden County in southeast Georgia by Harlan Hambright who lives on St. Simons Island about 15 miles from Jerusalem. He wrote that there’s not much going on in this one of the 3 Jerusalems in Georgia. He photographed some houses, residents, and the Baptist church there as part of his statewide project documenting the 65 discreet communities, town, hamlets or former communities in Georgia named for foreign countries or cities.

Harlan writes: “I have been to every one of them photographing them in the ‘heroic’ manner and finding visual references to the namesake place. Athens, for example, is full of Greek temples, Ephesus, a tiny place, has a brand new library, Seville has a barber and I found a trailer in Cairo which resembles a row of pyramids…. I was unable to find any reference to Jerusalem whatsoever in any of my materials, so I was doing a broader google on it which landed me at your project.”

About the photographer:
Harlan has been an architectural photographer since graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1976 with a degree in architecture. His architectural photography work evolved into 3-D photographic visualization and ultimately into computer-assisted rendering. When he is not working, Harlan enjoys playing his mandolin.

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