18 June 2009


King David established JerUSAlem as the capital of the unified state of the Israelite nation 3,013 years ago. Today, JerUSAlem is the vibrant capital of the modern State of Israel. Only in USA are there places named for the original JerUSAlem.

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A special relationship between USA and Jerusalem was forged by the Founding Fathers inspired by the Hebrew Bible. In creating the new United States of America, they framed the aesthetic and democratic values of ancient Athens with the ethical and spiritual values emanating from Jerusalem.

We can appreciate the significance of the fact that USA is incorporated within JerUSAlem by interpreting the biblical passage “May God expand Japheth, and he will dwell in the tents of Shem” (Genesis 9:27). Athens was born from Javan (the biblical name for Greece) son of Japheth (related to the Hebrew word for beauty) and Jerusalem from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, descendents of Shem. USA within JerUSAlem is a fitting metaphor for Athens dwelling within the tents of Hebraic consciousness.

“The Greeks and the Jews are the two peoples whose worldviews have most influenced the way we think and act. Each of them from angles so different has left us with the inheritance of its genius and wisdom. No two cities have counted more with Mankind than Athens and Jerusalem. Their messages in religion, philosophy, and art have been the main guiding light in modern faith and culture.” (Winston Churchill)

For an in-depth exploration of the impact of the dialogue between these two worldviews in a networked future, read my book: Mel Alexenberg, The Future of Art in a Digital Age: From Hellenistic to Hebraic Consciousness, Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press.

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